Assessment and Development Solutions

Assessment and Development Solutions


Learnsoft’s assessment and development solutions use proprietary processes and advanced models for identifying and implementing the ideal enterprise training programs. These solutions include:

Skills Gap and Assessment

By determining the difference between the skills and/or abilities required to effectively perform necessary functions, and those currently possessed by an individual or organization, Learnsoft is able to optimize individual productivity and enhance organizational performance. We utilize a systematic evaluation of both the individual and the organization’s workforce skills in relation to business operations and/or a required project/task. These assessments are conducted through a series of steps to identify (and close) skills gaps, thereby optimizing individual capabilities and maximizing workforce productivity:

  • Learnsoft administers competency assessments to evaluate skill requirements for a specific project, task, or job. The skills for each function make up the process for identifying key competencies throughout the various processes within an organization.
  • Using the data of the analysis, Learnsoft maps the competencies, then benchmarks individual and organization skills gaps
  • Incorporating the data and competency maps into our advanced models, Learnsoft subject matter experts develop a training program focusing on the respective individual and organizational skill needs.

Curriculum Planning

Learnsoft can develop and design a customized training program incorporating our vast curriculum of hundreds of IT and business skills courses. In addition to using our proprietary assessment methods, our subject matter experts will meet with clients to determine requirements based on a project, task or job function with the goal of creating a training schedule and curriculum plan.

Managed Programs

Our complete managed program is a scalable training solution that addresses a broad spectrum of enterprise training needs, supporting all aspects of instruction from initial training needs analysis, all the way through to post-training evaluations. Utilizing the expertise of our trainers, project managers, and staff, we develop and implement the ideal program based on key organizational and individual objectives.

Blended Learning

Learnsoft understands that each organization has its own culture, objectives, initiatives, budget, as well as numerous other differentiating factors to consider when implementing a training program. Our blended learning solutions addresses this challenge through an integrated approach of delivery methods selected to accommodate the various learning requirements of a diverse organization. This method includes combinations and groupings of Learnsoft delivery methods in one ‘blended’ solution, specifically developed for optimizing effectiveness and efficiency for a distinct requirement.

Content Development

Learnsoft’s content solutions help clients with the development of courseware to fit specific requirements and objectives. Our content developers possess the technical, subject matter, and instructional expertise to incorporate the ideal materials for implementing calculated learning strategies.

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