Healthcare Solutions

Since our inception, Learnsoft has focused on delivering the most comprehensive and effective occupational training solutions to healthcare organizations across the country. We have a deep understanding of the strict requirements and critical implications of training in this sector, as well as an awareness of the challenges posed by a rapidly migratory workforce. To that effect, we work closely with our customers to correctly configure our platform to meet their unique needs and to maximize learning effectiveness and overall readiness of all workers.

Our solutions include:

  • Skill-gap Assessments and reporting
  • Customized blended learning programs
  • New staff training
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Compliance management and intelligent reporting
  • Multi-department employee tracking

Our advantage

Learnsoft supports healthcare industry’s specific compliance requirements and learning protocols, while addressing unique organizational HR and structural complexities. Learnsoft designs, develops, and administers IT, technical skills, with a targeted focus on the healthcare sector needs. Our dedicated staff has accumulated decades of experience and considerable knowledge of the healthcare industry’s requirements and procedures at any scale.