Hospitality Solutions

The hospitality industry is one of the largest employers in the world. It also holds one of the highest turnover rates for employees, typically 75% or even higher, well above the national average of 10-15%. This puts any manager or operator in this sector at the mercy of low productivity and high replacement costs for staff. An additional aspect unique to this sector also worth considering is the direct connection workers have to revenue and growth for their employers: with day-to-day customer interactions that can impact bottom line results, and in-market reputations. Your LMS solution needs to be especially agile and flexible to support a worker base constantly in flux.

Hospitality Solutions Include:

  • Easy-to-use interface that requires next-to-none training
  • Simple reporting on learning progress for individuals and managers
  • Multiple training formats supported e.g. in-person, web-based
  • Application accessibility on any and all device types
  • Compliance reporting tools

The Learnsoft Advantage

Learnsoft can be implemented in only a few months and fully integrated with any content providers your organization requires, whether it is material from central headquarters, or compliance training like Title 31 Money Laundering, or for serving alcohol.

Our learning interface is simple to use and easy to understand, formal training is not even necessary to get started. The simplicity combined with its web-based design make it a favorite for learners.